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After receiving airplay from the BBC, Grabbing the attention of Jim Gellatly (featuring in the newspaper ‘The Sun’) gaining attention from independent bloggers and appearing on popular playlists across major platforms. The group have created brand new an entirely new body of work (written and recorded) to release in 2023.


MDOF EYES are an Alternative/Pop band from the UK with songs that exist within a stylised sense of escapism. Having memorable melodies, dream-like chords, sampled sounds and beats.

Like a flick of a switch—their latest song 'Ins&Outs' goes from being a mesmerising dream-fest that changes to a heavy hitter with dark drum and bass and bittersweet melodic changes, 


a song that is about someone who's at the end of their rope and wanting an easy way out from where they are, but knowing it will hurt those around them by doing so, they try their best in pushing away and finding ways to disconnect so that it will be easier forgetting somebody you hate


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Maybe I don’t realise 

gripping in just pulls a thread


And I won’t try living from the highs 

of aches in my own head


It suits me (So easily) It suits me (only see)

When your stripping back my lines


It suits me (So easily) What I see

looking in at my lonely downside



Lonely Downside (X2)



I see spaces behind your eyes

staring into lines


Is telling in make-shift receipts


Caught in the wake of far-side staring into lines

(Breathing in) and out doesn’t put me ease


I don’t think you can stay through the same 

splitting hairs in memories (Buries you instead)


Does it take much away through the strain 

living my own remedy (Shaped the ins and outs)


Lonely Downside (X2)

Mid 8 (NEW)

Outside of mine, I can’t live on borrowed time

and dead life-lines, holding you inside 


It seems I’m losing grip of your blindside

tearing into mine


Lonely Downside (X4)

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