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After receiving airplay from the BBC, Grabbing the attention of Jim Gellatly (featuring in the newspaper ‘The Sun’) gaining attention from independent bloggers and appearing on popular playlists across major platforms. The group have created brand new tracks along with an entirely new body of work (written and recorded) to release in 2022. They are currently in the studio finalising a new EP around their newest sound 'Ghosts'.


MDOF EYES are an Alternative/Pop band from the UK with songs that exist within a stylised sense of escapism. Having memorable melodies, dream-like chords, sampled sounds and beats. They are currently a 3 piece project with two lead singers: Jason Stewart (Guitarist/Synth); J.R Campbell (Guitarist) and accompanied by Liam Browne (bassist/Drum pads).

The group are delivering conceptualised songs with the consensus being “If something can at least be said through music, it deserves to speak volumes for the one listening". With the level of uncertainty and divisiveness out there—they want to raise awareness and aim to highlight issues that affect  people and themselves. Having this need to write about scenarios that can tell their own struggles as individuals and hope that it helps to express a story for people in their own lives.